About Mary Willard’s Blog

March 9, 2010 at 10:44 pm (Simply Branded)

Mary Willard’s SlsBizDiv Blog contains writings divided between:

“Superstars Come In Cans” – published writings about how you can ”Be a Superstar” in your business.

‘Simply Branded” – Fresh, original insight in branding YOU simply, albeit strategically; and

“One Tree’s Business” – published writings and interdispersed ”Maryisms” regarding best business development practices from the point of view of one tree’s connection in the forest.

Mary’s professional experience spans twenty years in business development and strategic sales and marketing implementation. Mary specializes in business development and a consultative sales approach. She’s goal oriented, a driver for action, a motivating communicator, focused on business development and sales, and intrigued by business development and sales networking. She has utilized her core knowledge in sales and marketing crossing industries from Financial Services Sales and business development in agricultural lending, insurance sales and personal planning sales to business development and strategic sales and marketing positioning in the Builder and Remodeling Industry with a manufacturing company of maintenance free building materials. She is focused on the company vision, detail oriented, value based, a contributing team player and embracive of today’s relevant sales tools for success in fast paced workplace cultures and economic environments.
Specialties include: Business Development, Consultative Sales, Sales Hunter, Life Coach Sales, Sales Research, Branding and Identity Business Development, Strategic Sales Positioning, Channel Sales and Marketing, Value Based Sale Management, Trade Advertising, PR, Trade Show Production Management (IBS, PCBC, Remodelers, JLC, Fencetech), Consultative Sales Approach in B2B Business Development, Telemarketing Strategic Sales, People Management, Competitive Sales Analysis, Sales & Business Development, Prospecting.


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“The Power of the Focused 7” Business Practice

January 26, 2010 at 5:32 am (Business Development)

Hello Readers! Thank you for stopping by! My goal is to write useful advice to help others in the profession of business development. My pages will be dedicated to writings my friends, family, and colleagues affectionately label Maryisms about sales, business development, marketing, branding and miscellaneous bits and pieces of information that might be of help to YOU in your quest of your own business pursuits.

To begin….

After completing my bachelor degree 20 years ago, I was hired as the first female Loan Officer for The Federal Land Bank in Yuma, Colorado. Yes, it was the 90’s and female first’s were plentiful in businesses across the US!  The best piece of advice my boss and FLB President, Steven Wenger, gave me was a managerial axiom he personalized termed The 6 P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.  One thing I know for sure is that implementing these simple SIX P’s into my business discipline has served me well to this day professionally, as well as personally. Simple–yes! Easy–no! 

In light of this advice, I created a business development managerial aid I call,  “The Power of the Focused 7”, a planning business practice utilized as a performance and time-management enhancement tool in todays overly stimulated, communication saturated, poorly planned, and poorly time-managed crazy world in which we live.

Maryism: Plan 7 things you want to focus on accomplishing in specified periods of time, and focus on accomplishing all seven during the specified period of time. 

Be proactive as you schedule your time. “Focus” on an achievable plan of what you want to do: (1) today  (2) next week, (3) in the next two weeks, (4) this month, (5) during the first six months of a year, (6) in a year , and finally, (7) within the next five years.  Build your plan in 7’s…3 of 7 things you want to accomplish by noon…the remaining 4 of the 7 things you want to accomplish before the end of your work day…7 things you want to accomplish this week…7 things you want to accomplish over the next two weeks…you get the picture!

Remember to keep it simple initially…take baby steps in your planning and build on it as you go.  Determine 7 tasks to accomplish over each period of time, and designate one task during a daily period of time as a “Focused 7” planning period.  After completing your plan for the day, start planning the 7 things you want to accomplish over the next week, ….then plan 7 things you want to accomplish over the next two weeks…and so on and so on. Build on your extended 7 planning gradually, perhaps adding one thing you want to accomplish at a time for your week, two-week, month plans as time allows. Remember the old saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so the most important thing is to set a list of 7 things you want to focus on accomplishing in a day and proceed in accomplishing them.

Stay FOCUSED and prioritize your plan. Once you begin planning your day, separate the AM and PM and list things to accomplish in each time period covering the day. Once your plan is complete, begin accomplishing your plan by focusing on the AM only…prioritizing things you want to accomplish during the AM time of the day. Move on into the PM and complete prioritizing your list of 7 things to accomplish by the end of the work day….

FOCUS is the skill for you to learn in order to be a high achiever in this game. It is a learned behavior, and people who enjoy a high level of success in their jobs are successful at the trait of being able to FOCUS. YOU can be a high achiever, too, by deciding to initiate this power skill into your daily game plan for business development. Know that if you FOCUS in 7’s each day, you will soon understand the POWER in this plan!

Maryism: Align a few of your goals you want to accomplish with the goals of the person or team of people you report to or work with in your work place. What manager wouldn’t be impressed with THAT planning implementation? Building rapport with business partners you work with internally and externally is an added benefit of “The Power of the Focused 7” business practice.

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Hello world!

January 14, 2010 at 7:41 pm (Simply Branded)

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